Sanction for Toyota in Monza

The 6 Hours of Monza they did not finish when the cars crossed the finish line with the #7 Toyota in the lead, followed by the #50 Ferrari and the #93 Peugeot. at least not for Race Directionsince the results suffered variations after hours on the Italian night that did not alter the podium, but did slightly affect the World Cup. He Toyota #8, who crossed the line in fourth place, was handed a 50-second post-race penalty that relegated him to sixth and the #5 Porsche inherited his position. The #51 Ferrari, with whom the World Cup is being played after the red victory at Le Mans, will remain in fifth place after a penalty for track limits despite having been ahead at the checkered flag of the German 963.

The reason for adding 50 seconds to the Japanese car is the sum of irregularities: 5 seconds for exceeding the maximum power allowed on lap 190 (of the 199 he completed) and another 45 seconds for not complying with it in the race. One more sanction on your file in Monza after those suffered and fulfilled in the race for hitting the car of Giovinazzi, Pier Guidi and Calado and send to the wall Aston Martin #777 (GT). A relief, in any case, for Ferrari in his fight for the Drivers’ World Championship with his unit #51, but not in the fight for the manufacturers’ title, which awards points to the best result of each manufacturer in each race. In this statistic the 152-126 in favor of the Japanese is maintained after their victory at the home of those of Maranello.

In the drivers’ championship, the revision removes two points from the GR010 #8 to stay at 115 and maintains those of the 499P #51 after the 10 of the fifth of Monza, which remains at 92 and a difference of 23, the same as the #7 car after its third victory of the year with Kobayashi, López and Conway. Before the Italian event, the difference between the #51 Ferrari and the #8 Toyota was 25 points in favor of Hartley, Hirakawa and Buemi. Now there are a maximum of 65 at stake: the 25 of the 6 Hours of Fuji, the 38 of the 8 Hours of Bahrain and the extras from each pole. Fourth follows #50 of Molina, Fuoco and Nielsenwith 85.

This is how the World Cup goes

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