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San Saru, another step in its commitment to sustainability

San Saru, another step in its commitment to sustainability

the bet of San Saru because sustainability is already a classic in this company. Online jewelery has been working for years on projects such as sustainable packaging, with its im (perfect) handbags, but recently this proposal has been joined by its (im)perfect jewelry.

With its eyes always fixed on the growth of the business, this store understood that its production must be linked to rationality in consumption. For this reason, they have long drawn up their im toilet bags (perfect). Many of its products are packaged in recyclable packaging made of cardboard, kraft and sustainable wood.

That way, the packaging that a priori was going to be discarded as garbageWith the only hope of being recycled, it can be turned into material to create boxes, jewelry boxes, decorative objects or coasters.

The success of its sustainable packaging ​​led the store a step further in its sustainable and environmental vision. Last Halloween, they launched their campaign to (im) perfect jewelry.

What are (im)perfect jewelry?

This San Saru promotion was launched on the occasion of the arrival of Halloween, and the success was absolute because In just two days, the entire available catalog was sold out.

The jewelry is, in a way, like the sweets in gastronomy, everything has to be perfect in terms of quantity and conciseness at work. Otherwise, the result is not perfect.

When that happens, what you get is creations with small imperfections, which for the general public, unfamiliar with the subject, may be imperceptible, but not for master jewelers.

Many of these jewels, when they go from the workshop to the office to sell, there is no choice but return them to the workshop to redo the parts manufacturing process. At San Saru, they are aware of how expensive this process can be, not so much from an economic point of view, but from an environmental point of view.

The manufacture of jewelry, as well as many other industrial or craft processes, involves a resource consumption too high, so the firm’s bet was to give these jewels to customers, assuming that perfection is the difference.

How does the San Saru campaign work?

The store took advantage of the Halloween campaign to launch its commercial jewelry im action (perfect). The start-up was on October 26, just before the All Saints and the Dead vacation.

On its website, customers could buy many of the perfect products with a 15% off, but also they received one of their (im)perfect jewelry as a gift. Thus, instead of undergoing a new manufacturing process, they chose to deliver them to their customers.

The dynamic was simple, with the usual purchase, they were directed to a portal where they could select the type of jewelry to receive as a gift: ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace, but without being aware of the piece that finally arrived home, to keep the result somewhat in suspense.

The campaign was a success because in just two days, all available stock was exhausted.. For San Saru, the immediacy with which the sales action ended was a surprise and they are grateful for the loyalty of customers. Plus, it helps them keep innovating with their campaigns.

Recycled silver for premium jewelry

For the company, sustainability is not a wave they surf thinking that this way they can win customers, but its trademark. In fact, all your jewelry is from 925 sterling silver, but always recycled.

90% of the silver that moves around the world is recycledTherefore, openly stating that you work with this type of material is an act of sincerity and transparency. Few jewelers advertise so directly what their work philosophy is.

But in San Saru they are not like other online jewelry stores, in their case they consider that sustainability is a principle that must move the entire companyAfter all, preserving the environment is fundamental to guaranteeing habitability on the planet.

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