“Yes you can!”. This was the war cry of the 9,433 spectators who packed the Burgos Coliseum. A huge fan who enjoyed a viral victory for his team against an unfortunate Unicaja that continues to crawl through those courts based on mediocrity. The people of Burgos depend on themselves. If they win their next games against Valencia and Fuenlabrada, they will remain one more year among the greats of Spanish basketball. ANDAs for Unicaja… better not to talk.

The match was dramatic for San Pablo Burgos, a team with an estimable squad and incredible fans but in decline, against all odds, after five consecutive losses. On the other hand, the most disappointing Unicaja of the last 30 years, without playoff options and with all the ballots for be left without a European post after 26 years of uninterrupted presence, unless the BCL is generous and sends him that invitation that the typesetter president, Antonio Jesús López Nieto, is working so hard on.

With the boiler in favor, San Pablo Burgos came out full of heart but very hasty in the selection of the outside shot. Unicaja, with a very successful Bouteille (15 points in the first quarter) took an advantage of five points (18-23) neutralized by Tarik Philip with three points in the last play of the first set.

The people from Burgos calmed down their game and found their best argument in the inspiration of Clemmons. Bouteille was refreshed by Ibon and Brizuela, unusually unlucky in his specialty which is shooting from outside. With the Coliseum roaring, halftime was reached with 46-37 and 18 points from the unstoppable Clemmond.

The season is becoming very heavy for Unicaja. To its mediocre and insufficient income despite being the fifth highest budget in the ACB (10.3 million euros), we must add injuries. Ibon could not count on Carlos Suárez, Anbromaitis, Barreiro and Francis Alonso in this meeting. To top. Cameron Oliver had just come out of a viral process and Brizuela was touched.

Paco Olmos’ men, pushed by his people, widened the gap to 14 points (58-44 min. 25). Nzosa, get on the track. A player who has alarmingly stagnated projection of him. In the absence of high qualifying goals, those from Carpena risked prestige, dignity and earning the aforementioned right to be taken into account by the BCL bosses despite this campaign to forget. Improving their defense, the Castilians got 68-52 (min. 29). The Unicaja was kept afloat by the success of the intermittent and, technically neat, Bouteille. With the Coliseum pushing the cry of “yes you can!” the third act closed with 68-54.

The locals believed and did not stop. Two triples in a row by Salash opened the gap to 74-54. San Pablo had in his hand to blow up the game but so many pulsations slowed down his reasoning. Luckily for those from Arlanzón, their opponent was simply pitiful with a recital of unthinkable nonsense in Brizuela, Jaime Fernández or Cameron. Ibon Navarro, between disappointed, angry and discouraged, requested the required time-out at 80-68 (33′) after a platter by Renfroe.

Without defense, rebound or aim, Unicaja was a wimp where Matt Mooney waged war on his own to make up statistics. Nine points only useful to sweeten the shipwreck. In the absence of a minute, the 15-year-old Mario Saint-Supèry jumped onto the court, who will not remember this day because of the great game his team played.

And with Mooney’s aesthetic triple (which finished with 15 points) the match was closed with 89-74. Saint Paul comes to life and has salvation in his hand. For its part, Unicaja continues to cry out for this nightmare to end.


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