San Luis was chosen to host the IV South American Youth Games 2025

The South American Sports Organization (ODESUR), in its recent meeting of the Executive Committee, resolved award the headquarters to the Province of San Luis (San Luis Capital, Juana Koslay and Potrero de los Funes), for the organization of the next IV South American Youth Games in 2025.

A press conference was held at the Casa de San Luis headquarters in which the President of the Argentine Olympic Committee (COA), Mario Moccia, the president of ODESUR, Camilo López Moreira, the governor of the Province of San Luis, Alberto Rodríguez Saá, the Secretary General of ODESUR, Miguel Ángel Mujica and the Secretary of Sports of San Luis, Cintia Ramírez.

The first to speak was Mario Moccia who in his speech said: “For the Argentine Olympic Committee it is an honor to accompany this candidacy, work for Argentina and the province of San Luis to host the South American Youth Games”.

“We congratulate the governor, the sports secretary and the entire team for the excellent job they have done, and in such a short time that allowed us to reach the assembly with a proposal that was well received by ODESUR, and that it was later endorsed and approved by the Executive Committee, through the report presented by the Evaluation Commission”, he said.

The president of the COA explained: “These South American Youth Games are important for the youth of the future. They are going to allow our boys to do their first competitive experience, prior to the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games. They will be able to develop through sport, but also through culture, education and they will be able to incorporate values ​​that arise from sport and they will be able to be enthusiastic about our Olympic movement”.

Likewise, Camilo López Moreira pointed out: “At the meeting of the ODESUR Executive Committee, the only thing we could hear from San Luis were considerations. I congratulate you for betting on sport, since this is education and it is health”.

“Mario Moccia I want to thank you because Argentina became one of the most important allies of ODESUR. In 2022 they organized some spectacular Games in Rosario and now with the headquarters of San Luis We are sure that they will be wonderful. So thank you very much to the Argentine Olympic Committee”, he emphasized.

Finally, Alberto Rodríguez Saá remarked: “For us it is an immensely happy day. ODESUR has approved all the conditions and requirements of our offer”.

“For San Luis to host the South American Youth Games seems wonderful to us. 20 years ago we began to build very good infrastructure for the sport, and you have been able to verify it. ANDThese Games are going to leave us many lessons and an enormous commitment which is to meet the expectations of ODESUR, which has been holding large events and we want to live up to it and make San Luis a great event”, he commented.

The authorities signed the contract for the award of the venue and Camilo Pérez presented Governor Rodríguez Saá with a commemorative painting with the following text: “The South American Sports Organization grants the venue of the South American Youth Games 2025 to the city of San Luis, Argentina.”

The event was also attended by the vice president of the COA Alicia Masoni de Morea; the 3rd Vice President Marcelo Achille; the treasurer Laura Martinel; the recording secretary Mabel Roca; athlete representative Paula Pareto; the permanent members Hugo Rodríguez Papini and Jorge Renosto; COA advisors; the general manager Martín Bonjour; presidents of National Federations and authorities of the province of San Luis, among others.

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