San Lorenzo: "Without the Romeros, the group situation improved"

The forward and San Lorenzo scorer, Franco Di Santo, gave his opinion this Friday about the brothers Romero, Angel and Oscar, who left the club at the end of August after numerous problematic situations and assured that since their departures “the situation in the group has improved.”

“The situation improved in the group. After each one felt better or worse, they are personal situations of the moment”Di Santo told ESPN about the departure of the Paraguayan attackers.

San Lorenzo, who will face Vélez in Liniers on Sunday, has come to end a streak of four consecutive defeats with a 1-0 victory over Godoy Cruz in Bajo Flores on the last date and Di Santo, author of the successful goal , took advantage of the moment of calm to go out to speak. Although he is one of the players most resisted by the fans, The former Chelsea scored the last two goals for the team – the other, in the 1-2 against Huracán in the El Clásico – and is Barça’s top scorer in the tournament, with four.

“The big fights that we had was that the group was very united from the smallest to the largest and We were not given the results, that was our personal anger, “he said.

The truth is since the departure of the Romeros -They still do not have a club, although they participate with the Paraguayan team in the Qualifiers- San Lorenzo added three wins, three draws and six defeats, with the departure of coach Paolo Montero in between.

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On the other hand, Di Santo assured that the great reference of the team is the experienced Nestor Ortigoza. “He is our head and it was a success to bring him, beyond the good player that he is. He began to order a lot of things”, argued the attacker, who also placed the archers Sebastián Torrico and Augusto Batalla as leaders.

The player with a past in Chilean, English, German and Brazilian football also referred to the bad footballing moment that the club is going through and stressed: “We all came out of this together. We are playing for a big club, which has a lot of institutional problems, that little by little they are going to improve and the only way is to do it all together “.

Finally and about Boca’s interest During the last transfer market, he declared: “I thank Boca but I feel good in San Lorenzo. The offer was concrete but I chose to stay in the Cyclone, which is the club that opened the doors to me.”


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