San Lorenzo beat Platense in Bajo Flores

San Lorenzo beat Platense 2-0 at home, in the opening of the 14th. date of the Professional League championship, with goals from Gastón Hernández with a header and Ezequiel Cerutti, from a penalty kick, and continues to rise in the positions, where he has already reached eleventh place, one unit below those of Vicente López.

The match began with two teams that met in the middle of the field, without being vertical, but little by little San Lorenzo took center stage and became owner of the ball.

In the first clear arrival of the match, the locals opened the scoring after two headers in the area, the first by Adam Bareiro and the goal by defender Gastón Hernández (his inaugural goal in the top flight) after a first-class cross from Ezequiel Ceruti.

The goal in favor gave Ruben Insúa’s team more confidence and as the minutes went by they justified the difference with dedication and good handling of the ball.

At minute 26, Paraguayan striker Adam Bareiro hit his head after a center that forced goalkeeper Marcos Ledesma to try a sensational save, to avoid a greater difference against his team.

Facing the end of the first half, San Lorenzo dominated, pressed, quickly recovered the ball every time he couldn’t have it, which led him to generate plays on both sides and several dangerous actions.

The visitor, meanwhile, was unable to have fluid contact with the ball in midfield and the players in charge of generating play (Tijanovich, Zárate and Sabella) were unable to create plays to enable striker Jorge Benitez.

In addition, he was weak in defense every time the local team went to the rival field, and only had one arrival as a result of a shot by Mauro Zárate at 20 minutes that went over the upper right corner.

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At the beginning of the second stage, Platense came out a little more convinced than what was shown in the first 45 minutes, but the intentions of reaching equality were diluted due to not having clear ideas to generate play.

Those led by Insúa kept up the pressure on the rival field, continued to handle the ball and played close to the goal defended by Marcos Ledesma

At 25 minutes, striker Ezequiel Cerutti, the figure of his team, increased the difference, from a penalty, and the locals already handled the development of the match with a little more calm.

In the rest of the game, San Lorenzo continued to search for the rival goal, they had a forward deployment from the middle of the field, while the visit was far from settling in and had no chances to score on the scoreboard.

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