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San Lázaro and Bameso will collide in the first game of a doubleheader

San Lázaro y Bameso chocarán en primer juego de una doble cartelera

The Santos de San Lázaro and the Bulldogs of Bameso meet first thing this Friday from 6:00 pm in the fight for second place in the standing of the Superior Volleyball League (LVS) in its men’s branch.

Both teams are 1-1 escorting Guerreros VC who have not lost in their three appearances. Mauricio Báez is 0-3.

The doubleheader is completed with the clash between Mirador and Guerreras with both teams in search of their first victory that would take them to a 1-2 and third place in the standings behind Cristo Rey (3-0) and Caribeñas. / New Horizons (2-1).

Friday’s matchday will mark the conclusion of the first of three preliminary rounds in which each team will perform in nine challenges.

COUPLE DUEL: The Bulldogs’ Ezequiel Toribio and Los Santos’ Henry López Capellán both have 34 points as their teams’ best scorers after two outings.

TWENTY-TWENTY: Toribio scored 22 points in a five-set win over Mauricio Báez, while López scored 21 in a five-set loss to San Lázaro against Guerreros.

IN THE CITY: Rafael Almonte from Lazare is the leader of effectiveness in attacks in the men’s branch with an average of 60.53% when scoring in 23 of 38 shot attempts.

WALLS: Los Santos’ Erickson Ferreira leads in blocks given with 8 and an average of 1.00 blocks per set.

WITH TELESCOPIC LOOK: López Capellán is number one in landed aces with 5 in two games and an average of 0.63 per instance.

THE LEADER IS BACK: Natalia Martínez is number one in scoring with 45 points in two starts, including 31 in Mirador’s loss to Caribeñas in five sets during the opening game.

VERY SERVICE: With 6 aces winners in her two matches, Natalia is only behind Gina Mambrú who has 9 in three victorious matches of Cristo Rey.

WARRIORS IN ROW: Yanelis Cabada has been the best scorer in both setbacks for her team in straight sets with 17


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