San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, betting favorites for the NFC Wild Card

San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, betting favorites for the NFC Wild Card

The race to reach super bowl has started; the confrontations of the wild card in the playoffs of the nfl and these are the favorites to advance in the NFC according to the bets.

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Seattle Seahawks vs. san francisco 49ers


The Odds

  • Spread: 49ers-10
  • Over/Under: 42.5 points
  • money line: 49ers -540, Seahawks +420

Direct rivals in the NFC Westso they faced each other twice in the regular season; and in both games 49ers they took the win.

In Week 2, the 49ers beat the seahawks 27-7 and for Week 15 they repeated the dose by score 21-13.

One fact to take into account is about rookie quarterbacks (Brock Purdy, San Francisco) and that is that in the playoffs they have a negative 9-18 record since 1983.

Even though Purdy, has won all six of his NFL starts.

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New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings

Favourite: Vikings

The Odds

  • Spread: Vikings -3
  • Over/Under: 48 points
  • money line: Vikings -160, Giants +140

Since 2018, Minnesota has not hosted the first home playoff game. They last reached the Super Bowl in 1976; it is one of 12 franchises yet to win it.

In the Christmas game this season, the Vikings and Giants faced each other.; The Vikings’ Justin Jefferson had 12 receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown.

It was a very close and entertaining game, which was defined with a field goal from greg joseph of 61 yards, in the last play for the Minnesota team to triumph with a score of 27-24.

With kirk cousins at the Vikings checkpoints, managed to second most passing yards in the NFL this season, accumulating 4,818; as well as averaging the eighth most points at 24.9 per game.

For their part, the Giants return to the playoffs since 2016. the quarterback Daniel Jones posted the best numbers of his career; in completions, pass attempts, passing and rushing yards, plus rushing touchdowns.

Jones has the fourth most rushing yards at 148.2 per game this seasonpartly thanks to RB Saquon Barkley who had 1,312 yards, the fourth most in the nfl.

Own daniel jones he rushed for 708 yards, the fourth-most for a QB; just behind Justin Fields, lamar jackson Y Jalen Hurts.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favourite: cowboys

The Odds

  • Spread: Dallas -10
  • Over/Under: 45 points
  • money line: Dallas -150, Buccaneers +130

The cowboys they are facing a gigantic challenge; and it is that if they want to advance, they will have to do what never before: defeat tom brady.

They are 0-7 against Brady.including the Week 1 game in which the buccaneers they beat Dallas by score 19-3.

Dallas’ offense was one of the best, averaging nearly 30 points per game.; while the defense finished seventh in scoring.

In your favor over those of Tampa Bayis that the Bucs finished with a negative mark (8-9), despite achieving the Title of the NFC Southall the teams in that division ended with losing streaks.

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