San Antonio Spurs Draft Juan Nunez, Potential Partner for Victor Wembanyama

Spanish point guard Juan Núñez has been selected in the NBA draft at number 36 by the Indiana Pacers, but his rights are held by the San Antonio Spurs due to a pre-draft agreement between the two franchises.

Núñez, 20, stands at 1.92 meters tall and has been considered one of the most creative point guards in the draft, excelling in blocking and continuing plays. The Spurs may have opted for him as a potential partner for French prodigy Victor Wembanyama in the future.

The Spanish point guard has an agreement with Barcelona, but his rights in the Endesa League are owned by Real Madrid, the team he grew up with. Madrid has the right of first refusal over him and could match Barcelona’s offer to keep him.

If Núñez decides to embark on an American adventure, his rights will be held by the Spurs unless they are transferred in the future. San Antonio’s legendary coach Gregg Popovich and the franchise have a history of being open-minded about betting on European players.

Núñez left the Spanish national team’s concentration to travel to New York and watch the draft live. Spanish coach Sergio Scariolo understands the unique event and expects Núñez to return calmer and with a clearer definition of his future.

The future looks bright for Núñez, with possibilities of playing with Wembanyama in San Antonio or returning to Barcelona. His final destination remains uncertain, but his talent and potential are undeniable.

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