Samsung will surprise with this unexpected new feature in folding smartphones

Samsung wants to continue to lead the foldable smartphone segment and may have an unexpected innovation on the way.

The brand has filed a design patent for a smartphone with a flexible screen that folds and slides. Is this the future of folding equipment?

Samsung may be working on a smartphone with a folding and sliding screen

Samsung patent registration flexible display
Patent registration explains how Samsung’s flexible sliding screen works Credit @ 91Mobiles

The 91Mobiles website detected the registration of a new Samsung patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization. According to information advanced by the well-known website, the record dates from June 2021 and shows a folding smartphone, whose flexible screen can also be slid. That is, the screen folds and slides.

The South Korean giant is a leader in the folding smartphone segment, thanks to its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip models that are very popular with users, especially after the company has reduced their cost.

And, apparently, the South Korean company wants to stay ahead of this segment, betting on innovation. As we have already mentioned, the brand’s folding smartphones are well known to all, but none of the models include a slide-out screen. In fact, no smartphone currently available on the market or about to be launched has this unexpected capability.

Hinges and motor mechanism allow screen to fold and slide

Samsung patent registration flexible display
There is no forecast when Samsung will produce a commercial model of this patent Credit @ 91Mobiles

The patent description explains that it is an electronic device with a folding screen that slides. In other words, the device allows users to slide the screen as well as bend it at a slanted angle.

Also according to the information collected in the patent registration, the screen can be folded, even when it is not fully unfolded. It is also known that Samsung turned to hinge mechanisms combined with motors so that the equipment can perform both folding and sliding functions.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to collect more information in this patent application, but this could be a suggestion of what folding smartphones will look like in the future.

Samsung patent for smartwatch with expandable display

samsung smartwatch patent
Samsung’s registration for this patent is June 21, 2021 Credit @ LetsGoDigital

Meanwhile, another Samsung patent was discovered which, like the previous one, is characterized by unexpected innovation. The patent, also registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization, was, this time, discovered by the LetsGoDigital website, which quickly rushed to make its content known.

As we can see from the images, the patent refers to a smart watch, the screen of which can be enlarged by pressing. In other words, the user presses and the portable screen gains 40% more space and size.

Samsung smartwatch patent
The technology used does not affect the operation of the front camera of the smartwatch Credit @ LetsGoDigital

The patent also explains that the technology allows users to choose whether they want to “stretch” both parts of the screen or just one. The mechanism used by the brand does not seem to affect the operation of the camera built into the wearable, so it is possible that we are looking for a new way to get better selfies.

Again, we weren’t able to get more information about the device in the patent filing, but like the foldable sliding screen smartphone, this could be the way of the future for tech wearables as well.

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