Microsoft has its own digital assistant, Cortana, which is integrated into Windows computers.

However, if you buy a Samsung-branded laptop with Windows 11 from Microsoft in the future, you can choose to use Bixby instead.

According to Samsung, «For even more mobility with your device, Samsung introduced Bixby in Windows for Galaxy Book users to provide an intuitive way to interact with your PC. Through simple voice commands, you can search files, open apps and settings, and even control devices within your ecosystem of devices registered with SmartThings. »

Samsung claims that activating Bixby will be as simple as pressing hotkeys like CTRL + Shift + B, or Fn + and B, so users will have different options when launching it.

The company also notes that andl Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G will be Samsung’s first laptop to run Windows 11, But for those with older models, Samsung says that existing Galaxy Book models that are compatible will also be able to be upgraded to Windows 11 once it starts shipping to more users.

Windows 11 is now available as it was released on October 5th. However, it will initially be available for new devices shipped by computer manufacturers, before it starts to reach users of Windows 10 compatible computers.


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