Samsung will follow Apple’s worst example for its best smartphone

The South Korean giant has already confirmed the official presentation date of its samsung galaxy s23February 1, 2023 – during the next launch event unboxed galaxy. However, the brand may follow the pricing policy of rivals Apple iPhone 14.

As we get closer to the presentation date, the rumors continue to make themselves felt. Hour after hour, new details hit the internet, in a flurry of images, specs, a few rumors, and guesses about retail prices.

Samsung makes an Apple-style move

samsung galaxy s23

According to the most recent information, the price of at least one of the models that will be presented soon is leaked: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G – must go up. On the other hand, we can have a Galaxy S23 at the same price, or even more competitive.

As justification, the source points to the same strategy followed by Apple with the increasing differentiation between the base models and flagship Properly said. A reasonable argument that has already been successfully applied by Cupertino’s rival.

The report also references Samsung’s fears after the Galaxy S22 range failed to meet supposed sales expectations, despite Samsung not raising prices in the past year. However, this year the scenario may be different.

Samsung Galaxy S23 should endure a price increase

samsung galaxy s23

As one progresses Publication South Korea, the price of the new generation phones should be higher once they hit the market. However, another source ended up pointing in the same direction, making it hard to ignore these predictions.

According to the testimony of filter @RGcloudS, the price of Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S23+ (Plus) smartphones will be the same. However, on the top-of-the-line model, the benchmark should increase this year, as Apple did on the iPhone 14.

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More specifically, we have the following values:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: Starting at $799 (8GB/128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (Plus): Starting at $999 (8GB/128GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: starting at $1,249 (8GB / 256GB)

•8/128 7998/256 849+8/128 9998/256 1049U8/256 124912/512 134912/1024 1499Warning, exclusive colors and 1tb delivery will be delayed for 2w – 6w max. 18 days to go~

-RGcloudS (@RGcloudS) January 14, 2023

The possible price increase is accompanied by an improvement in the base amount of internal storage, as well as other expected increases. We will have better cameras and the new Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at this top of the range by 2023 still equipped with the S Pen, in addition to other Samsung assets.

We are waiting for the official presentation of the Galaxy S23 on February 1

In short, this practice, if it occurs, is to be expected. As Apple did in September 2022 by raising the prices of its Pro models, and in Portugal for all models, Samsung is likely to do the same.

Finally, now we will have to wait for its official presentation to be able to clarify these doubts. Until then, you can discover this smartphone with all its features and color combinations in ours.

This is the actual rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Much better than those false representations. Perfect design! (It would be better if the chin was smaller). Thanks source: you can’t wait, you can book it here:

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) January 13, 2023

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