Samsung wants to update all its smartphones with One UI 5 in 4 days

The market leading South Korean manufacturer claims that the global distribution of OneUI 5 It will be completed by the end of the year. So there are 4 days left for the technology to deliver one of the major system updates for the remaining smartphones.

It should be noted that the interface OneUI 5now in distribution, it is based on the operating system Google’s Android 13also incorporating some elements developed by the samsung.

For the company, this is one of the commitments to meet with the consumer and user of its Android smartphones.

The update will reach all supported models by the end of 2022

Samsung Galaxy One UI 5 Android 13

The information was advanced by the company itself, which, truth be told, has made a prodigious effort in distributing this official system update. In fact, from the high-end, mid-range and even the cheapest smartphones of the brand, One UI 5 is currently in distribution.

With a vast list of supported models, this was indeed one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most commonly available system upgrades in Europe as well. Now, the company wants to close the year on a high note by finalizing distributions in 2022.

As reported by Samsung itself, through a publication on its Press roomSo far, the company will have updated around 46 smartphone models with One UI 5. The goal was achieved in less than two months, according to data collected up to December 9.

OneUI 5 brings Android 13 to Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The company reiterates its commitment to users by bringing new features to their mobile devices in record time. This is a major system update that we recommend installing for each and every user.

Finally, the South Korean company wants to finish this cycle of updates with One UI 5 by the end of 2022. So, it has around 4 days, starting today (28), to deliver Android 13 to all chosen Samsung Galaxy smartphones. for the update.

The distribution is via OTA (over the air) and the models available in Portugal are also covered. This is one of the news that gives us the most personal satisfaction. It is a true example for other Android manufacturers.

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