Samsung S22 prepares to surprise with all these accessories

As we get closer to its presentation, more and more details emerge about the Galaxy S22. Samsung’s next high-end lineup is expected in February 2022 and will bring a lot of accessories with it.

The place UNITED KINGDOM BOX listed no less than 60 different official accessories for the Galaxy S22 on its website. These include dedicated products for all three devices: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, and Galaxy S22 Ultra / Note.

Samsung will have more than 60 official accessories for the Galaxy S22

Mainly when it comes to the covers, Samsung will launch many official options for its users. And unsurprisingly, we can also expect a new version of the S Pen.

S Pen Design for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / Note
S Pen Design for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / Note

This selection has 24 official cases for the S22, 23 for the Plus version and 19 for the 22 Ultra. Among these we find transparent silicone covers, the so-called Clear View, Smart LED View or gel covers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Case
Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

It is important to note that most of these accessories do not yet have descriptive images. One of the big exceptions is the S Pen available in black, dark red, white, and green. These should also be the terminal colors.

The images provided on the covers confirm the unusual design of the S22 Ultra’s cameras. This one has a “P” shape that promises to divide opinions. Remember that this model must come with a design very inspired by the Note line, and space to house an S Pen.

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