Samsung reveals the list of Galaxy smartphones that will receive the Expert RAW app

The list of selected smartphones does not include models such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 2, or even the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ (Plus). According to the brand, this is due to the lack of a 2x optical magnification lens (optical zoom) on these models.

For selected models, the Expert RAW app arrives from February 25 with the next software update.

Advanced editing and control plus integration with Adobe Lightroom

galaxy s22

The app was first introduced in 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with the twist of making the default camera app and its “Pro” mode look simple or limited. Expert RAW does exactly that, expanding the range of camera controls and capabilities for those who want to control all the relevant aspects.

Samsung’s Expert RAW app is one of the most powerful tools for mobile photography and editing experience. It includes several options for computational photography and can improve results considerably.

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— Samsung Indonesia (@samsungID) February 22, 2022

In particular, we can save images in .JPG or .DNG format for more advanced editing. By the way, here we have the integration with Adobe Lightroom, professional image editing software.

On the other hand, Expert RAW is quite demanding on the CPU (processor) and NPU, in addition to the graphics itself (GPU), which also helps explain its limited availability. Phones must have at least Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990, as well as 8 GB of RAM, telephoto lens with 2x optical magnification (minimum).

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