Samsung presents a new solution for your health, the Samsung Health Stack 1.0

Samsung. announced the launch of Samsung Health Stack 1.0. This is a significant advance in terms of access to biomarkers in digital health research. It was developed by Samsung’s research and development centers in South Korea and the United States of America.

EITHER Samsung Health Stack is a fully open source project that supports digital research in healthcare. In practice, allowing researchers to easily develop applications, backend servers, and analytics tools for handheld devices. Always based on Android and Wear OS operating systems.

Samsung Health Stack 1.0. is the new initiative of the South Korean Samsung

Samsung Health Stack 1.0

Innovations in smartphones and wearable devices have the potential to revolutionize healthcare research and data-driven biomarker development. However, using these devices for research often requires specific mobile health metrics, apps, or services.

This requires medical researchers to invest significant amounts of time and money in areas that may be less well known to them. Well, creating obstacles to the expansion of the use of innovative technologies.

Samsung developed the Samsung Health Stack to help overcome these obstacles.

Its objective is to facilitate scientific research in the field of health.

The project included an SDK1 application, a web portal, and a back-end system, simplifying development and allowing researchers to focus on their research.

Developers can create the necessary applications faster and easier. Meanwhile, participants can be sure that the data they provide is managed with the highest security.

When conducting studies using wearables in a condition of diabetes either hypertension, Samsung Health Stack enables researchers to simplify the data collection process. In practice, entering only relevant information in the portal.

Samsung Health Stack 1.0

Applications developed with the App SDK are able to define a higher frequency of communication between researchers and participants, which translates into better research results.

Making the process faster can allow researchers to undertake more diverse and proactive health projects, helping to create an environment where users can enjoy healthier lives.

From smartphone to smartwatch, more precise and detailed information

By improving the usability of research management features, Samsung Health Stack 1.0 allows researchers to focus more on the research design itself. It also provides several methods that ensure participants relevant information to minimize delays.

The documentation provided to promoters to facilitate the construction of research systems was also significantly improved.

Although it is still in a pilot phase as an open source project, many healthcare companies are considering using the Samsung Health Stack. Startups like SALTED3 and All Round Doctors4 that collect data for research purposes and have considered using that data to develop health services.

Finally, Samsung Health Stack is expected to be used in many other areas in the future.

Samsung Electronics Introduces Samsung Health Stack 1.0

— Samsung Electronics (@Samsung) April 18, 2023

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