Samsung prepares new fast charging technology in its products

Samsung prepares new fast charging technology in its products

Samsung is the brand that sells the most smartphones in the world, but it is far from leading the trends in the field of fast charging. By the way, the South Korean is one of the most conservative in this segment.

This paradigm may change in the future, or at least this is evidence of a recent legal maneuver by the company. The clue is left by the new brand “Superfast Portable Power”.

“Superfast Portable Power” is the name of Samsung’s new fast charging technology

This legal process was completed with the competent North American entities. Samsung’s new trademark will include mobile device battery chargers and mobile device batteries.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The descriptions in the document filed by Samsung are not clear about the company’s goal with this technology. That is, they do not clarify if it will be dedicated to smartphones or if it will cover other gadgets such as power banks.

I remind you that the South Korean brand also sells powerbanks. They are an excellent complement to your products, since they have wired and wireless charging technology.

This summary may have been for the purpose of giving Samsung the legal basis for its new fast charging technology to cover multiple devices. Even so, it is excellent news to know that the company wants to improve its offer in this field.

When it comes to charging your smartphones, Samsung is far from the market leader. The fastest speeds offered by the brand reach 45 W, well below the Chinese competition.

The incident with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is often cited as a likely reason for the company’s stance on this matter. Regardless of her reasons, she’s finally ready to risk a little more.

For now, we will have to wait for more details that can clarify Samsung’s objective with this new brand. With the launch of the Galaxy S23 in early 2023, they are candidates to receive this technology.


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