Samsung prepares ‘hybrid’ display presentation at CES 2023

CES 2023 will be the first big tech show of the year, starting on January 5. Countless companies will participate in this event and Samsung has everything to be one of the most innovative.

According to new rumors, the South Korean technology company will unveil a prototype of its hybrid screen. This will have the particularity of being able to fold and stretch, uniting two vectors of innovation in the consumer technology market.

Samsung innovates again with a screen that folds and stretches

Samsung is a leader in the foldable smartphone market and one of the world’s leading companies pushing the limits of screens. Many see it as best positioned to further revolutionize this market with the introduction of the first device with an extendable panel.

Samsung Slider Screen Prototype

However, Samsung’s next presentation could unite both worlds in the same product. This is the thesis put forward by the ETNews publication a few days before the start of the CES 2023 technology fair, always guided by the irreverence of the products unveiled there.

According to this source, the South Korean will organize a restricted event, for a limited number of guests, in order to present its first hybrid screen. Therefore, there is a chance that no video of this panel in action will be released.

We will have a total screen of 12.4 inches

Even so, we already have some technical details to advance that help us better understand how this technology works. As far as we know, this hybrid screen will have 8 inches diagonal when closed, that is, in its smallest state.

As soon as the user decides to deploy it, they will be presented with an encrypted usage area in the 10 inches diagonal. But will it be possible to increase this area to 12.4 inches when stretching this component.

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Since this area is considered too much to call this product a smartphone, it is questionable what its positioning in the market will be. Will it be a tablet? Will it be a laptop/tablet? Hopefully this will be answered later this week.

Regardless of your position in the market, you can only trade one stock at a time. This means that you will not be able to bend and stretch this panel at the same time.

From what is known, we can easily foresee that the sale price of this equipment will not be cheap. The amount of R&D that goes into this technology could easily push a potential product with this type of screen over €2,000.

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