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Samsung may resurrect variable aperture cameras on its smartphones

Samsung presented another patent that aims to revolutionize the camera system present in their computers. This technology aims to resurrect the system of multiple focal apertures for the same lens, but with new contours.

On this occasion, the South Korean idealizes a system in which the lenses of its cameras can move inside the smartphone. The goal, once again, is to try to improve the quality of the captured images.

Samsung patents a camera with lenses that move inside the smartphone

The document was submitted by Samsung to the competent authorities in October 2020. However, the content of this document has only now been made public thanks to the publication LetsGoDigital.

More removable parts can mean more problems

In this patent, Samsung exposes a new system of cameras that move inside the smartphone. As an example, a system of three lenses is used, each of which will be entitled to two different focal apertures.


The lenses, as you can see in the image above, are originally arranged horizontally, but their movements can create a triangular alignment. Indeed, we have the main lens placed in the middle and with the possibility of moving downwards.

To the right and left are two more sensors that can be moved inward. These will be the wide-angle and telephoto sensors that are commonly used in Samsung’s high-end.

When the lens is moved downward or inward, each lens will assume its smallest available aperture. These movements can be very important for best results, especially in low light conditions.

While the concept may seem interesting from a photographic results perspective, from a durability standpoint it is an additional concern. After all, removable components mean more points for possible failures.

It should also be noted that the inclusion of motors to move the cameras will mean a heavier and thicker smartphone. That is, not all are benefits and this is something that Samsung should take into account before applying this technology in its products.

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