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Samsung may have innovative charging technology on the way

Now a patent has been discovered revealing that Samsung may be working on an innovative charging solution.

All because it not only charges without the need for connection cables, but also recharges the batteries remotely at a 360-degree angle. curious?

Samsung’s new wireless charging solution works at a 360-degree angle

samsung wireless charging

Both Motorola and Xiaomi have already publicly demonstrated their long-distance wireless charging technologies. And now, a patent discovered in the corresponding South Korean entity reveals that Samsung also has a similar solution, but with a “big little” innovative difference.

According to the now-uncovered patent documentation, Samsung’s solution includes a wireless power transmitter that has the ability to cover a 360-degree angle around itself.

More: In the same documentation it is also known that this transmitter can charge more than three devices simultaneously, which can be smartphones, tablets, headphones, among others.

However, wireless charging has posed some challenges for all brands. For example, in China, conventional wireless charging cannot exceed 50 watts. Although Xiaomi provides 120-watt wireless fast charging in its terminals, the brand is prohibited from using it in that country.

Restrictions on wireless charging in China are directly related to radio frequency

Chinese restrictions on wireless charging are due to the fact that the Chinese government wants to implement an orderly use of radio spectrum resources. Some wireless charging is required to use.

Therefore, the current restrictions in China are in place to maintain order in the radio frequency. On the other hand, the authorities also state that wireless charging can interfere with radio waves in such a way that it can affect services such as aviation, astronomical observation, among others.

Therefore, it is concluded that the brands continue to work on solutions with high charging power, although these same solutions cannot be used in the Chinese market. But of course the rest of the world will be able to take advantage of all the new technologies that are already on the way.

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