Samsung launches SeeColors on TVs and monitors for color blind users

Samsung is committed to improving the accessibility functionality of its 2023 monitors and televisions. To this end, it has announced the inclusion of See Colors in its 2023 line of televisions and monitors.

This is a newly added accessibility feature and offers various color definitions based on degrees and types of color blindness (CVD). In this way, it provides a better viewing experience.


In SeeColors mode, we have nine image presets that users can select the option that suits them best. The feature adjusts the red, green, and blue levels to ensure that viewers can easily distinguish the colors on the screen. Of course, depending on your degree or type of CVD.

SeeColors was originally released in 2017 as an app.

SeeColors originally launched in 2017 as an app. This is to help people with CVD enjoy their screen the way it was designed to be seen. Now integrated into the accessibility menus of different televisions and monitors, the feature is easily available to all users.


Those who already own a 2023 model will have it available soon with a software update that will add SeeColors to the accessibility menu. In a statement, Samsung highlights that it has obtained the ‘Color Vision Accessibility’ certification from TÜV Rheinland

Recognizes the ability of the SeeColors feature to help people with CVD better access content. “We are pleased to introduce additional accessibility features, including SeeColors and Relumino features, to our 2023 lineup of TVs and monitors to help people with color blindness and low vision,” said Seokwoo Jason Yong, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. . .

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