Samsung introduces the first UDR 2000 panel with a maximum brightness of 2000 nits

Samsung showed a 2000 nits AMOLED display at CES 2023thus obtaining the UDR 2000 certification.

«The brightness of a screen is a factor that greatly influences the consumer experience in terms of image quality and performance of a smartphone»says Hojung Lee, head of the product planning team at Samsung Display’s small and medium monitor division.

“With its distinctive technology and business experience in the OLED field, Samsung Display will continue to lead the market with differentiated products based on consumer-facing technology.”

It’s still unclear which Samsung phone will get the new smartphone UDR display, but the upcoming Galaxy S23 series will likely make use of itprobably the S23 Ultra model to be specific.

2,000 nits of peak brightness isn’t entirely new for smartphones; Apple advertises up to 2,000 nits of maximum outdoor brightness for its iPhone 14 Pro series devices (which use Samsung-made AMOLED screens). Then, What’s different about the new UDR 2000 OLED?

Samsung hasn’t revealed what “UDR” stands for, but it’s likely short for Ultra Dynamic Range. HDR increases the dynamic range of a screen, making content more vivid. Whereas “Ultra” is considered better than “Alto”, Samsung’s UDR screen could have better dynamic range than the screens used in its current lineup of phones.

At CES 2023, Samsung Display compared the new OLED UDR 2000 to a “conventional” OLED display, and looking at the two panels, the UDR display, in addition to being brighter, appears to have better dynamic range.

That means the Galaxy S23 Ultra could have a screen that not only matches the brightness of the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen, but also has better dynamic range, possibly making it the best smartphone screen ever.

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