Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro bracelet crashes some computers

The strong magnet on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s strap causes some laptops that detect the screen closing via magnets to lock when passing the watch over the keyboard.

Samsung recently launched its new Samsung Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch family, with the Galaxy Watch5 Pro being the most advanced model.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro arrives with a butterfly clasp strap, which incorporates a clasp with a strong magnet to prevent accidental opening.

the problem arises when using a laptop that uses magnets to detect if the screen has been closedbecause when typing or using the trackpad with the clock on, the laptop may mistakenly identify that the screen has been closed and, consequently, turn off the screen and lock the computer.

This occurs, for example, with Lenovo laptops that incorporate a magnet to the right of the trackpadso it is very easy to place the watch in that area.

If you don’t know what’s going on, you can call Crazy trying to find out why your computer crashes for no apparent reason. At least, that’s what happened to me.


While other watches, both smart and non-smart, also have magnetic clasps, the one on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro appears to be especially powerful as the watch does not need to touch the wearable, but just approach a few centimeters.

So if you get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro and suddenly your computer crashes, you know why. The easiest solution is to change the bracelet or change the watch hand.

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