Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 won’t impress with this feature

As is tradition, everything indicates that the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will take place in the summer. Precisely, it will be at the time of presenting the new generation of its foldables when we should get to know the new smart watches from the South Korean firm.

For now, it is the information leaks and some rumors that tell us what’s new with the Galaxy Watch 6. This time, we learn that their charging speeds will not change thanks to the approval of these watches by the FCC.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will continue to charge at 10W

The North American regulatory body recently received several copies of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. In their documents we can see that the next watches will have a charging speed of 10 W.

Samsung Galaxy 6 Watch

These speeds were introduced last year with the release of the Galaxy Watch 5. Based on the various reviews available, these devices have acceptable charging times for this type of product.

So if you were expecting improvements in terms of charging speeds for the Galaxy Watch 6, this is bad news for you. However, if you have a Galaxy Watch 4 or below and are looking to purchase the new watches, you will experience improved charging times.

The passing of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 by the FCC also attests to the availability of these watches in various versions. This organ received four models with the following code names: SM-R930, SM-R940, SM-R935 and SM-R945.

Apparently, the first two refer to the two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 6. The last two codenames refer to the two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Thanks to its passage through the FCC, we also learned that these watches will have Bluetooth 5.3, NFC and Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get more details about the passage of these products through this regulatory body.

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