Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: the wait for the new tablet could be longer than expected

In response to a slowing market, Samsung is delaying the launch of the new Galaxy S9 tablet.

The new presentation date has not been specified, but it is almost certain that the tablet will not see the light of day in February 2023.

Samsung delays the launch of the Galaxy Tab S9 tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 series is on sale in Portugal starting at €739.90Credit@Samsung

All reports on the global tablet market are unanimous. This is a segment that is clearly slowing down, due to the weak demand for this type of equipment. Not even key moments like the beginning of the school year are “animating” this segment.

And, apparently, Samsung is no stranger to this scenario and will have decided to postpone the launch of its new Galaxy Tab S9 tablet. Information being advanced by both The Elec website and Android Police.

The new launch date is not clear, but apparently the model will not hit the market in February 2023.

It is recalled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 was officially presented in February 2022, with an interval of about 18 months, compared to the previous model Galaxy Tab S7. Quite possibly, the new model will also have a difference of 18 months compared to its predecessor.

Market analysts point to the economic recession as the main factor behind the drop in global sales of this type of equipment.

Samsung delays the launch, but Apple could launch a new iPad later this month

Little is known about the new Galaxy Tab S9 series, but it is expected to include three new models, Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra, with the latter coming equipped with a huge 14.6-inch screen.

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But although Samsung is delaying the launch of its tablet, recent rumors suggest that its rival Apple will launch, even during the month of October, new iPad models.

And apparently with good news. According to rumors, the base iPad could see its updated design and the integration of support for 5G communications.

In turn, the new iPad Pro may receive the long-awaited upgrade to Apple’s M2 processor. According to some rumours, another of the novelties of the most advanced model could be a reduction in its price.

Considering the current condition of the global tablet market, this could be a novelty with the potential to become the main selling point of the device.

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