Samsung Galaxy S25 will debut a new processor designed for these smartphones

Samsung, the world leader in the sale of smartphones, does not seem satisfied with the processors it offers at its top of the range. A situation that the Korean will want to solve for herself with the launch of the likely Samsung Galaxy S25.

This is the thesis defended by the well-known filter ice universe. With a good track record of credibility in his predictions about Samsung designs, he reports on the development of a new processor with this line of smartphones in mind.

Samsung plans a processor dedicated to Galaxy phones to be used in the Galaxy S25 series in 2025.

— Universe of ice (@UniverseIce) May 16, 2022

Samsung prepares dedicated processor for the Galaxy S25

Ice Universe’s testimony claims that Samsung plans a dedicated processor for its Galaxy smartphones. This new component will debut with the launch of the brand’s tops in 2025.

That is to say, it will be the Samsung Galaxy S25 line that will debut the next processor developed by itself. Whether it will remain part of the Exynos processor lineage or have a different designation remains to be seen.

Of course, the most recent. potato chips of the Exynos series have left a lot to be desired. Especially in the field of energy management, constantly suffering from the phenomenon of overheating that compromises its raw performance.

The recent GOS scandal discovered in the Samsung Galaxy S22 will not have left those responsible for the company happy. For these reasons, the South Korean firm will seek viable alternatives for the future of its top of the range with its own solutions.

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This will apparently involve the development of a new processor designed specifically for this product line. Something similar to what Apple masterfully does with its line of potato chips A for iPhone.

It’s still too early to go into technical details about Samsung’s next line of processors. With a possible launch only in 2025, there is still a long way to go for its development and optimization.

Finally, it should be noted that this information has not yet been officially confirmed by Samsung. However, the credibility gained by Ice Universe forces us to take that information seriously and wait for more details.

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