Home Tech Samsung Galaxy S24 will have its own rival for ChatGPT

Samsung Galaxy S24 will have its own rival for ChatGPT

Samsung Galaxy S24 will have its own rival for ChatGPT

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will arrive in early 2024 with a further reinforcement of its Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This will be possible thanks to the incorporation of a new chatbot South Korean owner that will rival the popular ChatGPT.

This thesis is proposed by Ice Universe, one of the most recognized sources regarding the designs of South Korean technology. Through social media, this filter It thus comes to “confirm” the presence of a new AI in the next top-of-the-range Samsung.

It can be confirmed that Samsung is developing some AI technology for the Galaxy S24.

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) July 20, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S24 will have greater AI capabilities

In its Twitter post, Ice Universe claims that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will feature “some AI technology.” This is vague information, but it indicates a strengthening of the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of these Android devices.

That is to say, it is impossible for us to accurately assess what additional AI potential the Samsung Galaxy S24 will have to offer. Everything indicates, however, that it will be a generative AI that will rival the potential of ChatGPT.

Following its initial post, Ice Universe clarifies that the Galaxy S24’s new AI technology will have nothing to do with Bixby. By the way, he advises his followers to forget about this personal assistant.

Therefore, Samsung may be developing a new generative Artificial Intelligence to incorporate it into its next tops. A maneuver that, if confirmed, would not be surprising given the popularity that this technology currently enjoys.

Recently, a rumor surfaced that Samsung would be developing its rival for ChatGPT. However, this thesis stated that this AI would only be used internally to support the company’s strategic decisions.

Its expansion to Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones is not unreasonable and could happen with the support of Qualcomm. This is because the North American has partnered with Meta for the development of computer-based AI technologies and the Galaxy S24 will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 inside.

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