Home Tech Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring great news in its telephoto lens

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring great news in its telephoto lens

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring great news in its telephoto lens

The Galaxy S23 has not yet been officially presented, but rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are already beginning to reach the usual media. The first information about this product refers to the use of a new telephoto camera.

Who raises this hypothesis is the renowned Ice Universe through his account on the social network Twitter. From what he was able to find out, the great top of the range of the South Korean for the year 2024 will have a new zoom technology.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to replace the telephoto sensor and adopt a new solution. I think the main camera will remain the same or change slightly.

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) December 28, 2022

Samsung will improve the quality of zoom on the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The first Ice Universe predictions for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra report news for the telephoto lens. As reported, this top of the range Android will finally change its zoom technology that should evolve little with the launch of the Galaxy S23.

Ice Universe claims that Samsung will adopt a new zoom solution on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, it is not clear if these new features will include a new sensor or a completely new lens.

This rumor comes a day after we received the news that LG. Through its subsidiary LG Innotek, the South Korean company has developed a solution that allows smooth variation between 4x and 9x zoom.

The technology presented by LG consists of moving components inside the smartphone’s camera module in the style of solutions present in DSLR cameras. The result is better quality photos and less physical space is required inside the device.

In view of this announcement, it is plausible that Samsung also wants to evolve this issue in the camera of its smartphones. It will be interesting to know if he will choose to buy this solution from his compatriot or if he will develop a similar option of his own.

It is still too early to have concrete data on what the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will bring to the market. We are more than a year away from its official presentation and any existing rumor must have a good dose of salt, just like the present one.

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