Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra passes with flying colors in battery tests

We all know that the most powerful smartphones are also the ones that consume the most battery, at least in the case of Android models.

But the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes to show that there is an exception. The terminal was subjected to battery tests and achieved impressive results that made it pass the test with flying colors.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra beats its predecessor in battery tests

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is available in Portugal for a price starting at €1,449.90 [email protected]

The more powerful a smartphone is, the more the battery suffers from that power. At least, that’s the case in several high-end Android universes. By now, iPhone models have already shown to save more autonomy.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and this light is emitted by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which, despite being almighty, does not drain the battery in a short time. The model was recently put through battery tests by the Neowin website and managed to pass with distinction.

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra surpassed its predecessor, showing that Samsung has effectively and efficiently addressed this crucial point in smartphones. Part of the credit must be attributed to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, included in this smartphone, and which may be the beginning of the solution for better autonomy in the best smartphones with the Android operating system.

But let’s go to the numbers. The Galaxy S23 Ultra was compared to its predecessor in battery tests, with both models equipped with the same apps.

Galaxy S23 Ultra can be charged once every two days

During the test, the Galaxy S23 Ultra registered 16% autonomy after one day and eight hours of use. The Galaxy S22 Ultra only had 4% autonomy left after 22 hours of use.

Remember that both terminals are equipped with 5,000 mAh batteries. In short, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can be charged once in two days, while the older model will require a charge every 22 hours.

According to the NeoWin website, the Galaxy S23 Ultra consumes less power than its predecessor with the screen active and with apps running in the background.

Another important fact is that the less energy smartphones consume, the less heat is generated. This is an important point, since it allows a better performance of the terminal and a greater longevity in its useful life as equipment.

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