Samsung Galaxy S23 still has the controversial functionality of the Galaxy S22

A year ago we attended the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 as the best Android devices on the market. However, a few weeks later a scandal broke out with the GOS service that limited the performance of smartphones.

Come February 2023, we have the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and, it is already known, that this controversial feature persists in the latest tops of the brand. By the way, this performance limiter is active by default.

Samsung Galaxy S23 arrive with active GOS service

The discovery occurred as soon as some entities began to receive their Samsung Galaxy S23 test units. A visit to the settings of the new Android smartphones reveals the presence of the controversial GOS service.

It was also found that this controversial device is active by default in the new top-of-the-range Samsung. That is, the brand uses some kind of performance limitation in its new tops, despite using the fastest processor today.

The positive part, this time, is that this functionality now assumes an optional character and not as an imposition. It means that users will be able to go to their device settings and disable GOS in the Game Booster Labs section.


The fact that this was not possible in the Galaxy S22 generation was what caused the biggest revolt among the users of these smartphones. Said option would be available later, through a software update, but only after the controversy broke out in the market.

GOS aims to create a perfect balance between performance and consumption

As it would materialize in 2022, the GOS service was conceived by Samsung as a method to balance the performance of its equipment. That is, to prevent them from overheating, delivering only the necessary amount of performance.

This algorithm should only trigger in games, but it was found to be applied in several other situations. All with the aim of enhancing the autonomy of the smartphone and reducing its energy consumption.

Now, with the release of the Galaxy S23s equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy and an improved cooling system, it was hoped that GOS would not be necessary. However, we find that this algorithm is still present in the top of the range of the brand, without it having mentioned it in its presentation.

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