Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t improve camera in 2022

The current market leader will unveil the next generation of high-end Android smartphones in a few months. More specifically, next January 2022, when we will meet the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Indeed, the information leaks, although premature and not well founded, point to January as the month chosen by Samsung to announce the Samsung Galaxy S22 range. We remind you, by the way, that the current range of the Galaxy S21 arrived in January 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be Samsung’s next flagship

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The current Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G costs from € 1,000 on Amazon.ES

According to new reports and internet rumors, the top model will not bring significant improvements to the rear camera module. Therefore, we may see a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the same configuration as the current S21 Ultra.

In this way, more specifically, we would have a quad main camera of 108 MP (wide angle) + 10 MP (3x zoom) + 10 MP (10x zoom) + 12 MP (ultra wide angle). The secondary camera would also have 40 MP resolution.

These are the characteristics of the current, extremely versatile and competent model, as shown in our review. This is the current understanding based on information leaks, which are still scarce and second-hand reports.

No changes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The current Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G costs from € 1,000 on Amazon.ES

Although this scenario may seem dubious, the truth is that there are several reports that point in the same direction. However, we remember that there are still several months to go before its official presentation, possibly in January of next year, 2022.

On the other hand, even if the camera settings remain unchanged (hardware), we have improvements in image processing technology. With improvements in algorithms and other processing software.

Factors that will contribute to some improvements in the photography department of this next generation of Samsung smartphones. It is not that the current ones disappoint in the photographic aspect, as evidenced by the excellent evaluation by DxOMark entity – 91 points.

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + will bring improvements over the S21

Samsung Galaxy S21
The Samsung Galaxy S21 + (Plus) model costs from € 881.62 on Amazon.ES

Although the top model – S22 Ultra 5G – should not have significant changes in the cameras, the same should not happen with other models. That is, for Galaxy S22 + (Plus) and Galaxy S22 (base model), we will have improvements.

These will arrive in the form of a 50MP main camera, a new sensor, as well as a 12MP secondary camera with an ultra-wide angle lens. Finally, they will also have a third 12 MP camera with a telephoto lens.

In summary, the main improvements will be concentrated in the cameras of cheaper models. According to rumors, it will be a significant upgrade for the base model, Galaxy S22, as well as the middle pair, Galaxy S22 + (Plus).

Galaxy S22 range must use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 processor

Samsung Exynos

They will be among the first lines of Samsung smartphones to fully adopt Qualcomm processors over their own Exynos. The next smartphone trio is rumored to use the Snapdragon 898, which has yet to be announced.

This next-gen SoC is expected to adopt a 4nm lithography which will make it more powerful and efficient than the current Snapdragon 888+. However, in some markets, Samsung will continue to use its Exynos processors, possibly in Europe.

Also note that, as we announced at 4gnews, the next Exynos chip will have a graphics equipped with AMD technology. Something that can considerably improve the graphics performance of smartphones, especially for games.

In short, we have three new models for 2022. They will be the Galaxy S22 with a 6.06-inch screen, the Galaxy S22 + with a 6.55-inch screen, and finally the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a 6.81-inch diagonal screen.

Finally, we have its presentation in January 2022, but it still lacks official confirmation.

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