Samsung Galaxy S22: the next high-end products will have high-capacity batteries by 2022

The next generation of high-end Android smartphones to be introduced by the current market leader will be the Samsung Galaxy S22. This range, in effect, will be announced in January 2022, and in the meantime some features will be revealed.

Such is the case of the battery capacities for the power cell that will be present in two of the best models of the next generation of the Galaxy S22. In fact, thanks to the certification of these components in the 3C agency, we now have new precise details.

Samsung Galaxy S22 generation is expected to arrive in January 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22
Component certification for two models of the Galaxy S22 range.

Confirmation was advanced by publication MyFixGuide that you will have found the record visible above in the database of the 3C agency, one of the regulators of the Chinese market mobile. The battery capacity for the S22 + (Plus) and S22 Ultra models is listed there.

More specifically, the 3C agency listed two power cells or batteries as suitable for use in mobile devices in China. The model numbers of these batteries confirm that both components will be used in the S22 range.

Therefore, we have a maximum capacity of 4370 mAh, approximately 4,500 mAh – for the Samsung Galaxy S22 + (Plus) model. The model number of this component is EB-BS906ABY, with a maximum voltage of 4.45 V.

Then we have a battery with 4885 mAh – approximately 5000 mAh – for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra model. The model number of this battery is EB-BS908ABY, with a maximum voltage of 4.45V, both for use in mobile devices.

The battery capacity has now been confirmed by the 3C agency.

Samsung Galaxy S22
Wall charger / adapter assigned to the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

In view of the above, we conclude that the next generation of the top of the range will arrive with batteries of lower capacity compared to the current range. In particular, the current Galaxy S21 + has a 4800 mAh battery. Its successor could hit the market with a 4500 mAh cell, an already considerable difference from 300 mAh.

On the other hand, the top model, Galaxy S22 Ultra, will have a battery with a nominal capacity of 5,000. Here, yes, we will have exactly the same capacity as the current model, Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone costs from € 773.33 on Amazon.ES

Also note that the battery capacity for the base model, Samsung Galaxy S22, has yet to be mentioned in the information leaks and certifications. However, according to the filter ice universe, will have a maximum capacity of 3800 mAh.

Therefore, if this is also the case, the model standard you will have a decrease in power cell capacity. By the way, we remind you that the current Galaxy S21 has a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 range can support the load at 65W

Samsung Galaxy S22
Wall charger / adapter assigned to the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

Also according to the aforementioned source, Samsung is testing a new fast charger that will be introduced with the Galaxy S22 generation smartphone. Keep in mind, however, that similarly to the Galaxy S21 generation, the Galaxy S22 will also come without a charger in the box, following the model adopted by Apple with the iPhone 12 generation in 2020.

Anyway, we can meet a very powerful Samsung charger with a maximum load of 65 W. It is also important to remember that South Korean technology never exceeded the standard of fast charging at 45 W for what would be a first time.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S21 runs with a maximum power of 25 W, just the same or “old” Galaxy S20 Ultra, which ventured at 45 W. more.

Much more powerful charging solutions already exist on the market

USB C UGREEN 100W charger
The Ugreen GaN 100 W is a fast and compact charger. costs € 65.99 on Amazon.ES

In short, we will continue to have high capacity batteries by today’s standards, even if they are not as important as current models. On the other hand, the battery capacity for the top model will remain unchanged in 2022.

That said, if Samsung is preparing a new charger with 65W of power, that product will be the EP-TA865. Its characteristics include an output of 20 V at 3.25 A with the load power reaching the aforementioned value.

In short, the manufacturer must compensate for the decrease in battery capacity with more efficient processors, as well as a new, more powerful charging standard. However, we will have to wait for the first confirmations from Samsung.

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