Samsung Galaxy S22 no longer hides secrets about its design

Samsung will introduce its new high-end line of the Galaxy S22 early next year. The presentation event must take place in February, and the equipment will be available for purchase at the end of the month.

Roughly two months after its reveal, here comes the last move we needed in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 trio. Thanks to the accessories company Mobile Fun, images of the molds of these smartphones were released.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The molds of the Samsung Galaxy S22 clear doubts about its design

These molds are sent to companies that develop accessories so that they can create their products in time for the launch of the devices. In fact, they accurately represent the actual dimensions of smartphones and are a great way to find out what they look like.

Therefore, it is with a high degree of conviction that we affirm that this will be the design of the new trio from Samsung. The shared images put the three models next to each other and we can see the physical differences between them.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will in fact be South Korea’s most compact high-end with a 6.06-inch screen. The Galaxy S22 + will have a diagonal of 6.55 inches and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be at least 6.8 inches.

The first two models will have a module for its rear camera very similar to its predecessors. The new Ultra model will have a different design, as each sensor will appear isolated.

There is an image comparing the Galaxy S22 Ultra to the Galaxy S21 Ultra which is quite informative about the changes to the new model. There is a big difference between the two terminals, the first being more rectangular and physically larger, inheriting the main characteristics of the Note line.

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Samsung Galaxy S22

Speaking of the Note line, a place for S Pen storage in the Galaxy S22 Ultra is also confirmed. Another evocative detail of a line of mobile devices that will eventually disappear from the South Korean portfolio.

The same source also confirms that the S Pen will be available in three different colors. In effect, this accessory will inherit the colors available for the smartphone, namely black, white, green and red.

It remains to be seen when Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S22 line. Rumors point to February 9, however, this date is not official yet.

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