Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 arrived on Amazon with captivating details. here is the price

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will be presented on August 11, but they have already been listed on Amazon, revealing their price in Europe, as well as the main features. By € 149 it will be one of the best bluetooth headphones True wireless that they can buy.

Although the South Korean giant has redoubled its efforts to prevent this type of information leaks so far, they have not been successful in this endeavor. In fact, the opposite has been observed, with all the details of upcoming products already posted online.

These are the next Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Like the pictures above, showing us the actual product, we have already seen the digital renderings (renders) of the same. By the way, we already know the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones and their price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 features already arrived on Amazon

Buds 2 is a new product, ushering in a new generation of Samsung True Wireless Bluetooth headphones following the launch of Live Buds, Buds + and, more recently, Buds Pro.

€ 149 is the designated value for this Samsung device in Europe

For the new generation, Samsung has reserved three color schemes, from green, pink / purple, and black and white. Please note that the color scheme was not revealed in this recent filtration, but we’ve seen it in the past, courtesy of filter Evan Blass.

Now, we know its highlights thanks to the inclusion of this product in the French branch of Amazon ( There, as the filter Snoopy (@_snoopytech_) we have the page with the listed product and the main assets disclosed.

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By € 149, about $ 175 Galaxy Buds 2 is affirmed as an extremely complete product, with great autonomy, as well as with several smart modes. They come in 4 color combinations and promise better overall audio quality.

By the way, see the listing that expressly refers to “clear calls” thanks here to the three built-in microphones for better voice capture. They will also have smart filters based on machine learning to attenuate ambient noise.

The user can also take advantage of the built-in equalizer to customize the sound quality. Added to this is an organic format with a discreet box and various shades of color. All for € 149, a price that could make them a great buy in 2021.

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