Samsung denies new reports about the development of its own processors

TM Roh, president of Samsung’s mobile department, was the one who confirmed that the company plans to launch new smartphones with its own processors again, it will be an exclusive SoC for Galaxy models that promises to surpass the South Korean company in this segment. .

Given this, there are those who say that Samsung will develop its own cores instead of using components developed by ARM. Thesis that the South Korean company was quick to deny.

Samsung does not want to develop its own cores for future processors

It was to the SamMobile publication, dedicated to Samsung affairs, that the technology provided clarification. Through a brief statement, it denies any intention to develop its own cores.


“A recent media report that Samsung established an internal team dedicated to CPU core development is not true. Contrary to the news, we have long had various internal teams responsible for CPU development and optimization, while We constantly recruit global talent from relevant areas.”

The reason for this early clarification is a new report published by BusinessKorea. There we read that Samsung intends to develop exclusive cores to implement in what will be the “Galaxy Chip”.

By the way, the company even hired Rahul Tulim, previously responsible for CPU development at AMD. According to the report, these own cores should be completed by 2027.

The document also highlights that such components are not exclusively intended for Samsung smartphones. Their tablets and notebooks should also be covered by the bill, just as Apple does with Apple Silicon.

After the clarification provided by Samsung, this thesis is dispelled. It is understood that the South Korean company will continue to rely on third-party technology in this field, quite possibly on cores developed by ARM,

Something that has not been denied is Samsung’s intention to redevelop its own processors for its smartphones. This remains part of the company’s long-term plans, believing that the first example will launch in 2025 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S25.

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