Samsung debuts the new portable projector The Freestyle in Portugal

Samsung has just brought to Portugal one of its most captivating products today. It is, more specifically, a portable projector for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even on the balcony. Here is the new projectr Samsung The Freestyle!

EITHER the free style is the name of the new Samsung portable projector, now available in Portugal. It reaches our market both in the Samsung online store and in official points of sale and distributors. Its format is peculiar and the image quality is promising.

This is the new portable projector Samsung The Freestyle

samsung freestyle
The new Samsung The Freestyle portable projector. Credit: Samsung Distribution.

With no support required, The Freestyle can be adjusted to project great quality from any angle. It is in any room of the house or even outside of it.

The new projector from South Korean technology proves to be light, compact and easy to transport (and dare we say discreet). That’s why The Freestyle guarantees entertainment anywhere in the home.

samsung freestyle
The new Samsung The Freestyle portable projector. Credit: Samsung Distribution.

Unlike conventional projectors, The Freestyle’s base can rotate up to 180 degrees to display high-quality images on any surface. In fact, it can be placed on a table, on the floor, on the walls or even on the ceiling, without the need for a separate screen.

Furthermore, The Freestyle was designed for users to express their individuality in a more versatile way wherever they are.

Light, discreet, versatile and portable, this projector costs €999.99 in Portugal

samsung freestyle
The new Samsung The Freestyle portable projector. Credit: Samsung Distribution.

Samsung designers aimed to create a device that would allow users to watch what they wanted, when they wanted, and where they wanted. Thus, The Freestyle goes beyond the usual offers of projection devices, thanks to its flexibility and its design that adapts to the lifestyle of any user.

It shares the same Smart TV features, allowing you to access content from streaming platforms and Samsung services, mirroring smartphone content directly to the big screen. In fact, even connect a TV wirelessly to watch the same content in different rooms.

samsung freestyle
Credit: Samsung Distribution.

So even when not used for projection, The Freestyle can be turned into a smart speaker or ambient lighting fixture. All in a light and portable device.

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The Freestyle features an auto keystone feature, which displays a 16:9 screen on any surface without distortion. An automatic adjustment of the playback screen on any surface, at any angle and even if the computer is under an uneven surface.

The projector promises to always deliver a correct and perfectly proportioned image for viewing. In addition, the projector includes autofocus to ensure a sharper image and avoid any inconvenience in the viewing experience. This functionality allows the screen to be reproduced from different positions where the projector is located.

Suitable for use in any space in the house, or outside it

The new Samsung The Freestyle portable projector. Credit: Samsung Distribution.

The outer shell of the Freestyle is made of a soft rubber material to protect the product and ease of use. Also, the Freestyle’s form factor and only 830 grams make it a very portable device.

On the other hand, for those who like to go camping, for example, they can carry it safely and easily use it while traveling. On the go, it’s also compatible with power banks that support USB-PD and 50W/20V or higher output.

In this #Valentine’s Day Enjoy the details that make you live unforgettable experiences, with Samsung The Freestyle. #DetailsSamsung 💙

— Samsung Brazil (@SamsungBrasil) June 10, 2022

However, Samsung also has an external battery pack attached to the projector, which is sold separately. In addition, by means of a transformer, it is possible to connect the equipment to the traditional wall outlet option.

For those who prefer to have it at home and turn any room into a multimedia space, they can do so with the ambient display function. The built-in speaker delivers rich 360-degree sound, for an ideal surround sound experience wherever you sit.

Finally, Samsung’s new portable projector The Freestyle has a recommended retail price of €999.99 in Portugal.

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