Samsung creates a digital fashion collection

Samsung, a multinational technology company, has jumped into the pool by creating a fashion collection based on augmented reality. Nowadays what most hooks and attracts young people is everything that is through the internet, and especially fashion. So why don’t fashion and the internet merge? It is the perfect hook for the youngest.

The campaign was carried out hand in hand with the Wiede + Kennedy Amsterdam agency, and, designed by six professionals in the sector: Inés Alpha, Adiella Bachsche, Taskin Goc, Aliina Kauranne, Gwen Kim and Linxi Zhu.

To capture the attention of users, Samsung decided to make a spot, where the model appears Bibi, K-pop star, wearing clothes from the digital collection.

What will this digital fashion collection be like?

The collection contains clothing items such as silk jackets, pants or skirts with moving patterns, which can be traced with the Snapchat 3D full body technology. However, in order to access this collection it will be necessary to have certain Galaxy A devices, which allow users to apply augmented reality glasses in the Snapchat application. For now, there are very few devices that can be accessed, but if it is successful, the company will not hesitate to apply it to other devices.

Users who have this type of device will be able to access the collection easily thanks to Snapchat. In addition, they will be able to save photos and videos and share them on social networks.

“We are all familiar with face filters, but digital fashion is unlocking even greater self-expression. Now the people who define the looks are on the internet, instead of in fashion houses“, it states Emma Mällinen, creative at W + K Amsterdam.

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