Samsung bets on a 200MP camera for the future Galaxy S

In the next three years, Samsung’s top-of-the-line camera won’t drastically change the quality of its cameras. All because the technology will bet on its 200 MP sensor for the next generations of Ultra models.

This is the thesis proposed by filter @tech-reve discussing plans for the next few years in Samsung’s high-end photography department. The sensor introduced in the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be maintained in its direct successors.

Samsung Camera Roadmap S23U, S24U = HP2S25U, S26U = Successor to HP2 with major 17nm logic and light receiver upgrades S27U = 1/1.12-inch sensor

— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) May 8, 2023

Samsung will keep its 200 MP sensor in the Ultra models for another three years

As we can see in the previous post, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy S26 Ultra will use the 200 MP HP2 sensor: This means that the next three years will be continuity in Samsung’s photographic department.

This is not to say that there is no room for improvement in this important department. According to the same source, the Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy S26 Ultra will be entitled to a new generation of the HP2 sensor with significant improvements in light capture.

This may be enough to offer a real distinction in the quality of the images produced compared to previous generations. The amount of light that a sensor can absorb is a very important detail for your results.

Of course, the resolution of the sensor and its light absorption are just some of the points that affect the quality of the photographs. We can also mention the size of the sensor, its design and even the image processing software.

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This is to argue that just because Samsung has no plans to adopt 1-inch sensors doesn’t mean the quality of its cameras won’t evolve. This despite the fact that many of its rivals are already adopting these sensors in their products.

The same will eventually happen for Samsung, but apparently not before 2027. According to @tech-reve, it’s only with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S27 Ultra that we’ll see the adoption of a 1/1.12″ sensor.

Keeping Samsung’s 200 MP sensor in its products shouldn’t surprise fans. The same happened with its 108 MP sensor, launched with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with slight improvements compared to recent years.

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