Samsung and SK Hynix are developing AI technology for image sensors

Samsung and SK Hynix, renowned Korean companies, are revolutionizing the mobile photography market with innovative technology: Integration of artificial intelligence functions directly into image sensors.

According to Korean media, SK Hynix unveiled its ongoing work on AI technology for image sensors during the SK Tech Summit 2023 last month. The plan is to integrate a dedicated AI chip into the image sensor, which enables image data processing at the sensor level.

This innovation represents a significant change as current solutions rely on the main processor to process the data from the sensor.

The proposed technology not only has the potential to reduce power consumption and processing time, but could also pave the way for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) camera solutions and smart home applications. SK Hynix has already started research into face and object recognition.

Although there are no reports of a public announcement from Samsung regarding its work on AI cameras, the report confirms that the Korean giant is integrating AI more into its image sensor business.

This solution is part of their goal to develop image sensors that mimic the clarity and detail perceived by the human eye. AI will play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

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