Samsung AI ruins everything by adding teeth to baby photos

Recently, Samsung has received some criticism for its way of retouching photos of the Moon, adding details that are not in the original image. Now, the company faces another controversy, as its AI adds teeth to baby photos.

One user claims that he recently got an S23 Ultra and decided to give it a try. Remaster feature in Samsung’s photo viewer app, Gallery.

They expected something similar to what Google Photos does, suggesting specific settings and filters, excluding unwanted objects and the like. Instead of that, AI added a nice row of teeth to a photo of a 7-month-old baby.


The reader also sent us a video of the remaster feature turning his daughter’s tongue into teeth in another image, which suggests this isn’t a one-off flaw.


Samsung claims the feature automatically removes shadows and reflections so your photos look great, but it makes no reference to AI, so it’s a pretty odd case.

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