Samsung adopts several new features of iOS 15 in this popular Internet application

The Samsung Internet Browser app is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome for Android. This is attested by reviews on the Google Play Store, as well as more than a billion installs at the time of writing.

However, this does not prevent Samsung from working closely with Google to develop, for example, the operating system for smart watches, or from putting the best Google applications on virtually all of its Android smartphones.

Samsung Internet Browser Gets Focus Mode And Other “News” From Apple

Thus, we see that both companies can collaborate or compete with each other. By the way, when using and analyzing the latest test version (beta) of Samsung’s Internet browser, we see that the South Korean manufacturer is also aware of the rival system, iOS.

More specifically, we find in version 16.0.2 (beta)Some of the functions that we usually associate with Apple’s iOS 15 that may or may not reach the stable version. In particular, we have the new “Focus Mode” implemented in the Samsung application.

Samsung focus mode
The implementation of the Samsung Focus Mode in the beta version.

In fact, in addition to the name, its implementation is quite similar to the one that Apple introduced with iOS 15 to improve the periods of concentration of users. A function also present, by the way, on Apple computers with macOS Monterey.

The problem is an optional feature that changes the location of Samsung’s browser controls at the bottom of the screen. This will make it easier for the user to focus on the content that is displayed on the page in question.

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This feature divided opinions on iOS 15 and other Apple universes, but it makes sense in the age of ever-larger screens by improving accessibility to the main controls. In practical terms, the URL bar is conveniently located.

In addition to the mode of concentration we have the separating groups

Samsung’s new Internet beta brings a lower address bar, tab groups, and more

– XDA (@xdadevelopers) November 3, 2021

The second “novelty” is the possibility of grouping tabs in a comfortable and intuitive way. Once again, we find parallels in the iOS 15 operating system, one of the useful features introduced with the latest system update.

As the name implies, without trickery or difficult names, the user can now save and organize open tabs in new folders. You can then name them whatever you want or remove this content at any time.

Along with these new features “imported” from iOS 15, Samsung’s Internet Browser also receives other more discreet enhancements. For example, through the “Labs” section we find the option to “force” the HTTPS connection. This is an important security enhancement that you always try to connect using this more secure protocol.

Finally, interested users can install Samsung Internet Browser through the Google Play Store. There you can also sign up for the beta program, or download the respective APK through the APK Mirror platform.

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