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Samsung 980 Pro SSD with available heatsink

They were seen a while ago: the Samsung 980 pro with included heat sink. Samsung’s current top model has been sold for a while, but without a cooling element. The new variant is available in two variants: the company has opted for a version with 1TB and another with twice the capacity.

The performance and specifications of the version with heatsink and without heatsink are the same. With the 1TB version you will find 1GB of DDR4 cache, the 2TB version gets 2GB. The performance that Samsung promises is comparable: 7000 MB / s for reading and 5100 MB / s (2 TB) and 5000 MB / s (1 TB) for writing. Samsung offers a five-year warranty and the TBW for the 2TB variant is 1200TB, the 1TB is half. The heatsink version seems to be primarily intended for people who want to upgrade to a PlayStation 5.

Samsung did not act overnight in the development of this new variant. The company has provided the cool version with coolers on the top and bottom and a sufficient connection between the coolers and the SSD.

Therefore, the version with heatsink is available in two sizes, the version without heatsink is available in four, because there you will also find a version of 500 and 250GB. The prices of the version with a cooling element are currently much more expensive than those of the versions without it. The 1TB version currently costs 226 euros, if you choose a version without, now you will lose 127.99 euros. The 2TB variant costs 433.95 versus 228.99 without it. Prices are currently skewed due to Black Friday.

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