The club management of Sampdoria has reacted with dismay to an interview that Mo Ihattaren gave to De Telegraaf. According to chairman Marco Lanna, there is nothing true about Ihattaren’s story and they are all lies.

Ihattaren left PSV last summer, after he got into a fight with trainer Roger Schmidt. His then agent Mino Raiola arranged a contract with Juventus, which immediately let him on to Sampdoria. According to Ihattaren, he was not looked after at that club.

“As a 19-year-old I was sitting there in a hotel room. Alone, completely left to my fate. All kinds of agreements were not kept. As if I did not exist. I received no salary, nothing was arranged, no bank account or insurance,” Ihattaren tells the newspaper.

After an international match, the midfielder concluded for himself that it no longer made sense. “Everything made me feel like I wasn’t wanted. I got emotional on the pitch, called a friend of mine who was at the hotel after training and asked what time we could fly back. I left at 1.30 pm and never returned to Genoa. I had lost confidence.”

‘Big Lies’

Sampdoria chairman Lanna reacts as if bitten by a viper. “This is all nonsense, it’s big lies. The whole interview is a lie. All the people at Sampdoria say that this is not true.”

It is correct that Ihattaren has not received a salary, but also justified, according to the chairman. “There is a clear agreement between our lawyers and his. He just left and we were therefore able to fine him. We waive that, but that also means that we don’t have to pay a salary until the end of January. the deal.”


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