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Sampaoli’s urgent request to Sevilla FC costs 20 kilos

An old acquaintance of the Argentine coach in France is the next signing of the Nervión club

Since jorge sampaoli took the reins of Sevilla F.C., has not rested for a single moment as he is planning his squad starting in January. The Argentine is already finalizing his list of signings, and in the last hours he has written down the name of a midfielder whom he knows very well, since he was under his command in France.

The player in question is Gerson Santos da Silvawho militates in the Olympic Marseille, former club of the gaucho coach. This considers that the Brazilian is a very valuable piece both for the midfield and for the offensive Plot, since it functions as an axis between the two zones.

Seville Sampaoli
During his time as coach of Marseille, Jorge Sampaoli was the one who requested the signing of Gerson, and now he does it again for Sevilla.

20 kilos, not one euro more, not one euro less, that costs the signing that Sampaoli wants in Sevilla

Curiously, that price was what the French team paid in the 2021 summer market, when Sampaoli himself was the one who asked for it. Now the roles are changed, and it is the Argentine who wants him to leave Marseille for the Nervion set, for the winter market. Right now the Brazilian is valued at 22 million euros.

Although his contract with the French team is signed until 2026, the directors there have agreed that they will let him out, as long as they pay the 20 kilos. Monchi is studying the proposal with the general management and the presidency headed by Pepe Castro. The solution to get that money is the same as always, make cash with the discards.

Who will have to leave Sevilla for Gerson to join Sampaoli’s squad?

On the agenda of Sampaoli and Monchi there are several players who no longer fit into the Hispalense sports project, and they will probably come out in this market or in the summer. Among them are Fernando, Papu Gómez, En-Nesyri, among others. With the sale of some of them or in the best of cases, the sale of all, it will be possible to easily afford the signing of Gerson.

Sampaoli takes risks and sticks his hands into the fire for him, because during his time as coach of Marseille he realized the quality and talent that the Brazilian has. This season he already has 523 minutes spread over 11 games, where he has scored 2 goals. Fortunately, his ankle injury that he suffered in August of this year, had a satisfactory recovery, and the player has not relapsed.

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