Home Tech Sam Altman and John Collison explore the future of AI

Sam Altman and John Collison explore the future of AI

Sam Altman and John Collison explore the future of AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman struck up a conversation with Stripe co-founder and chairman John Collisonin which spoke at length about the future of AIone of the most powerful technologies.

While talking Altman himself was convinced of it Systems are capable of performing ever more demanding tasks and solving ever more complex problems. and more autonomous. In doing so, they are changing the way the world as we know it works.

How does OpenAI work?

Altman also provided relevant data on ChatGPT usage. In particular, the way OpenAI works changes every year as they are on an ascending part of the technology discovery curve. So they want the company to make sure everything works, even if the ideas they are putting forward turn out not to be the right ones. Research in this area has long placed an emphasis on enforcing certain approaches to work rather than making the technology work. The concept was Create a culture of inquiry in search of truth.

Collison and Altman have also addressed the issue What is it like running a project like OpenAI?. “Leading a research group is something completely different from anything else. In general, people try to apply lessons learned from previous work. You really have to look at it with new eyes and find a way to deal with it.

When asked how they are monetizing ChatGPT with Stripe, the OpenAI CEO stated that the data is positive and they are satisfied.

Additionally, in this talk, they shared their optimism about the future of AI, including their favorite GPT use cases, why AI’s high risks make it a collaborative industry, and why they wouldn’t follow their own advice from Y Combinator today. Would you like to see the full interview? Here you can do it!

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