Salvini suggests “free taxis” so drunks don’t drive home

The Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, headed by Matteo Salvini, has launched this new experimental measure that it intends to use Reduce accidents and improve road safety. These are “free taxis” for night owls who exceed the permitted alcohol limit and are therefore not allowed to travel in a vehicle.

According to La Razón, the proposal is the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Transport and the Associations representing nightlife venuesConcerned about the high number of accidents and road tragedies linked to excessive drinking.

how it will work

The established protocol is as follows: every person who leaves a nightclub and wants to access the service must do so First an alcohol test. Should the alcohol content exceed the legal limit, a taxi is available for him and his companions to take them home for free. On the part of the government, they argue that it is a “safe and responsible” measure.

Different taxi company and car rental with driver, and is implemented throughout Italy between August and mid-September. The following nightclubs are also present, which will facilitate the process: Mascara All Music (Mantua), Il Muretto in Jesolo Lido (Venice), Praja in Gallipoli (Lecce), Baia Imperiale in Gabicce Mare (Pesaro – Urbino), Naki Discoteca ( Pavia) and La Capannina in Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto)

The idea came from a meeting with nightclub associations and a meeting with influencers and digital creators. Salvini wants to show that the Italian government is getting involved the effects of irresponsible drinking on streets. Only time will tell how effective it is protect prudent citizens on party nights.

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