Salman’s ex-girlfriend was a victim of domestic violence for years, she will cry when she hears his story

Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali has made many serious accusations against him. Somi Ali has shared several posts on social media, in which she has recounted that Salman Khan has physically and mentally tortured her. Ella Somi said that she was traumatized for many years because of Salman Khan. Somi Ali has caused a sensation by making such accusations against Salman Khan. In such a situation, there are many people who have started trolling him. People think that if all this happened to him, why didn’t he talk about it before? On the other hand, some people also call these accusations by Somi a publicity stunt.

Somi Ali has recently shared a video on her Instagram, in which she has spoken about the exploitation she faces. Along with this, he has also responded to those people, who call him just the publicity stunt of him. The actress revealed in this video that at the age of 9 she had to face sexual abuse. Not only this, when she was 14 years old, she was also raped by high school boys. Somi says in this video that she first spoke about sexual abuse 3 years ago, when a journalist abused her. After this, a cook in Pakistan blew it up. Not only this, a vigilante also blew up Somi Ali. According to the actress, when she talked about this years ago, she did not want to publicize it.

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Speaking of Salman Khan, Somi Ali says that what is good for everyone need not also be good for you. Somi has said in this video that he has suffered verbal, sexual and physical abuse because of Salman Khan and wants the actor to apologize to her for this. Somi Ali also said that the 8 years she spent with Salman Khan were the worst years of her life.

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