Salman Khan’s heart fell on this Akshay Kumar heroine, she came home with a marital relationship…

Salman Khan fans are always very excited about his marriage but his wish never came true. Most of the people believe that Salman Khan does not want to get married. But it’s not like he never wanted to get married. Salman Khan’s heart fell on many beauties and he also proposed to her. However, things could not materialize.

These days, an old video of Salman Khan is going viral on social networks, in which he himself tells that he wants to get married. Not only that, in this video Salman Khan is also seen saying that he had also gone to the actress’s father to ask for permission for the marriage. A clip has surfaced from one of his old interviews from the 1990s in which he has revealed that he once asked actress Juhi Chawla’s father for her hand in marriage. But unfortunately, Salman was rejected by his father, who never really explained why he rejected him.

Juhi married businessman Jai Mehta in 1995. One Twitter user shared a short clip from an old Salman interview with the caption: “This is Salman Khan (red heart emoji).” In the video, Salman wears a patterned blue polo shirt with jeans and a hat. He says, “Juhi is very sweet. Sweet girl. I asked her father if he would let her marry me.” To this the interviewer asked: “Did you ask her? What did she say?” Salman says, “No.” When the interviewer asked the reason, Salman replied: “I think the bill doesn’t fit.”

Fans commented on the video clip on Twitter and wondered who is the girl he is talking about. One Twitter user said: “Moment of heartbreak (broken heart emoji).” While another said: “…and after that she didn’t marry anyone. Such an obedient boy.” Juhi and Salman worked together only in the comedy Deewana Mastana (1997) opposite Anil Kapoor and Govinda. Salman had a special appearance in the David Dhawan film. Juhi and her husband Jai Mehta have two children, a daughter Jhanvi and a son Arjun.

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Salman was last seen in a cameo role in ‘Pathan’, which stars Shah Rukh Khan. He also made a cameo in Shahrukh’s previous film ‘Zero’ (2018). He will next be seen in ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ which will be released on April 21, 2023. He will be seen in the action movie ‘Tiger 3’ later this year.

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