Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend praised Kangana Ranaut, Queen responded

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut (Kangana Ranaut) keeps making headlines for her statements. She often gets into trouble because of her statements. Still, Kangana doesn’t hold back from talking. Kangana is often seen targeting Bollywood celebrities as well. She also posts about it on social media. Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali praised Kangana Ranaut. Its video was shared by Kangana.

Sharing the video, Kangana wrote, “I have the wings and souls of those who have suffered in silence before me, I have your voice that was never raised, I have your truth that was never spoken.” In the video, Somi Ali is closed see her praising Kangana.

In the video, Kangana Ranaut says, “I bow my head to you.” Kangana is such an actress who never keeps silent, she always speaks the truth and only the truth. Whatever wrongs she faces, she speaks on camera. Brother never hesitates. Always tell the truth. I had seen an interview with Kangana where she acted so well. The way he spoke spoke the truth. Everything was done honestly. Those from the industry speak plain language. For that reason I respect him very much. Industry people don’t like those who tell the truth.

Somi Ali has made numerous allegations against Salman Khan. He spoke about it by sharing the post on social media. Somi spoke about the abusive relationship in the post. He had said that this person had now become a superstar.

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