Salman Khan’s connection to Afghanistan

There has been outrage in Afghanistan since the capture of the Taliban. People are willing to drop everything and run. The images of the chaos that erupted here will tear anyone’s heart apart. The fear of Taliban brutality among women can be clearly seen. Bollywood celebrities also seemed saddened by the situation in Afghanistan. Many celebrities have given reactions on social media. But do you know that Bollywood superstar Bhaijaan Salman Khan has a special connection to this country? Very few people would know.

Salman Khan is the Bollywood superstar. He has a good following at home and abroad. Fans are eagerly awaiting his movies. A coin in his name runs in Bollywood. Salman Khan also has a special connection to Afghanistan. Actually, Salman Khan is basically Afghan.

His great-grandfather had fled there and settled in Bhopal. Raja Holkar of Indore had given refuge to his ancestors. His grandfather has also been the former deputy commissioner of Indore. Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, is a well-known writer in the industry.

Actually, Salman Khan’s ancestor, Alakozai, was a Pashtun. He is believed to be associated with the Alakozai Yusufzai society. Salim Khan married Sushila Charak, that is, Salma Khan, who is actually a Dogra Rajput. In this way, Salman has been educated in Hindu and Muslim customs. That Indianness is also visible in Salman Khan.
Salman Khan has a very deep connection to Afghanistan, you won't know yet

There is no shortage of fans of Hindi cinema in Afghanistan. How much people here like Hindi movies can be measured by the fact that after watching these movies, they even learned Hindi. If people in Afghanistan speak a little Hindi, then Bollywood can be credited. Bollywood has also been giving Afghans a place in its films for years. From the 1975 movie Dharmatma to Kabul Express, there are many such movies that have been made or filmed here or made about the events here.

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